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Yea! God is truly Good
Desember 2, 2008, 4:54 pm
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My brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I just wanna share how happy I am now. Tomorrow morning, myself and a couple of colleagues will gather and have morning prayer.  Tomorrow’s gathering will be the first of Wednesday’s Morning Prayer. Therefore with God’s grace we will gather again the next Wednesday and again.

I’m so happy because we desired to have this session since few months back and today God showed His blessings to me and my colleagues and the company we work for.

My company was in a project bidding yesterday and yesterday’s results we lost the bid. But today, my friend got a report that the bid value of the project was rejected by the government. And that means, the company got another chance to do a re-bid that will be held dunno when in the future 🙂

Because of this 2nd chance, I believe it is a sign from God – that we have to come closer to Him and He will show us His greater blessings for us and the company.

Jesus works when things look impossible for us, that is why we have to keep the faith in Him

God bless you all

-Thanks for dropping by this post-


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