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Translating for The Words
Maret 17, 2009, 5:31 pm
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One day, I open Google.Com and then I typed The Words and I got www.thewords.com at the top of the result page.

So I click on the link and I discover this online version of the book. It is free to use and free to download.

After while, I begun to read the early chapter of Part One and I discover such power in each word written in its chapters.

Then, I stop reading and start browsing the foreign translation links that brought me to a page full of different languages.

At that moment, I saw there is no translation in Bahasa Indonesia – my language. Even thou I am born in a family that its origin from mainland China, but I am born and raise here, in Jakarta – Indonesia. I’m an Indonesian. For that reason, I gathered some strength to overcome my lack of self esteem and start to wrote to The Words – offering my talent to translate The Words into Bahasa Indonesia.

Days pass by, I have forgotten about the mail I sent to The Words – Till one day,  four days ago;a mail pop up in my inbox and it was from Lee himself!


“Dear Roy,

Having The Words in the Bahasa language would be a great addition to The Words website translations.
We are setting up the site so it can be viewed on computers, printed, and also read on cell phones which
is very big in Indonesia from what I’ve learned. In a recent article here in the United States they stated that more people access the Internet in Indonesia from cell phones than any place other than here, almost equaling and at one time surpassing our use.

Let me know if you need any assistance from our end. I would also like to pursue an good quality studio audio narration of the translation so it can be spread among those who are illiterate. We’ve done this successfully in several areas of the world and it is our mission to reach people who do not have the technology or skills to access this message.

God bless,


This email from Lee, meant so much for me. With this email, this means a green light for me to start translating. So, I gathered the strength and the will to translate it the best I can with the wisdom that I asked from our Father in Heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Lee, Thank you so much for the mail and support. God Bless you in your every work.
And to you my brothers and sisters in Jesus, I have started posting the first chapter of the book in English and Bahasa Indonesia. I hope you enjoy reading it and receive the same blessing as me; and don’t forget to keep coming back to the next part of the book.
Jesus bless us all…

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