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The Law of Garbage Truck
Maret 20, 2009, 9:57 am
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How often did you let someone else change your mood? Will you let a reckless driver, rude waiters, emotional boss or senseless colleagues – wreck your feeling? Unless if you are a robot; you may not realize how many times you swear back, yelling back at them.

But, the signature of a successful person is in how quick that person got back and focus to what is more important.

Sixteen years ago, I learned this valuable lesson

I learn this lesson at the back of a taxi in New York. And this is what happened. I jump into a taxi and we drove from Grand Central Station. We were on the right lane, but then suddenly, a black car jump out of the parking space just right in front of us. The taxi driver immediately hit the brake, the taxi slide a bit and almost hit or get hit by other cars (just a few inch difference)

The guy who drives the black car (the one that almost cause a big car crash) took his head out of the car and start yelling harsh words to us. My taxi driver just smile and wave his hand (slowly) to that guy.

At that time, I thought this taxi driver is a friendly guy. So, I asked, “Why you do that? That guy almost wreck your car and we almost got into accident and hospital. All because of him!”

And this is what the taxi driver said (which later on I called as “The Law of Garbage Truck”

“A lot of people are like garbage trucks. They walk with their garbage, fill with frustration, anger and disappointment. And when the garbage start to piled up, they need a place to dump it. If you let them, they will flood you with all their garbage.

If someone wish to throw their garbage at you, don’t take it. All you need to is to smile and wave and hope they get better, and you can continue whatever you do. You will be happy after doing it.

So, after I found out this “The Law of Garbage Truck” – I began to think, how many times I let my “Garbage Truck” affecting my mood? And how many times I grab my “garbage” and threw it to someone else and passing it on to other people at work / home / street? I promise myself, “I won’t do it again.”

Just like in the movie “Sixth Sense”, the little boy in the movie said, “I see dead people.” Now, “I see garbage truck.” I see them carrying their load. I see them coming to spill it out. And just as the taxi driver, I will not put that garbage and making it personal, but I will smile, waves my hand and hope they can get better and then, I continue my work.

One of my favorite football player – Walter Payton – did this everyday in the football field. He will jump as high as he can at the same speed every time he fell because of the tackles he’s getting. He never stay on the ground to be trample by the other players. Payton is ready to do his best on the next run.

A good leader knows that they have to be prepared for the next meetings. All parents knew that they have to welcome their children (coming home from school) with hugs and kisses. Leaders and parents knew that they really have to be there, and they are available at the best times they are needed by the people they care about.

A successful person will never allow these “Garbage Trucks” taken away their mood.

And how about you? What will happen next in your life, starting from today, if you let more “Garbage Trucks” pass by you?

This is my guess: YOU WILL BE HAPPY.

Life is just too short if you get up in the morning with hearts full of regrets, so…….

LOVE the people around you, who have treated you kindly. And forget about all the other people who have treated you badly.

Source: Tabernakel Family Mailing List

James 1:19 (New International Version)

19My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,


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