Da Words of My Jesus

About Christine’s Dew

Please, allow me to give brief description of a new category in this blog.

First of all, I feel so blessed to have a new category that I called “Christine’s Dew”. This category is created based on the text messages that my fellow church activist; Christine sent to me. After receiving a few text messages from her and how it affects me by becoming a blessing to me at a perfect timing (and we all know who always work at perfect timing).

So, one day –not so long ago– at the same day my colleague at work lost his dear wife; my friend Christine sent me a beautiful text that gave me the strength to face the day. So, I began to wonder – where she got these beautiful words. Who is her source? or What is her reading material that inspired these words? So I called her and afterward I discover that the words in her text messages are the essence of her daily moment of peace, reading the bible and similar with the “daily bread”.

While still on the phone with her, this idea hit me – I should post her text messages in my blog. So, more and more people can receive the same blessings that I have received. I also feel so blessed for the opportunity to study it deeper and share it with the rest of you.

God Bless Us All…


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